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Wearing aurora borealis chandelier weights with thin chains and brass coils.

Heavenly Inked
Wrote this a long time ago but hey, it’s a pretty good one.

We all do grow old, but do we all grow up?

It’s like hearing you admit the fact you’re mentally fucked..

While you’re screaming that I need to shut the fuck up.

This is, well guess what?

This is the end of the beginning that we never had.

It’s the start of the ending I never planned.

The nightmare that was once I dream a had.

There’s a sour taste about the candy you gave..

Poisoned, a secret that I’m taking into my grave.

Left for dead with nothing left.

Except you, and your compelling voice in my head. 

Telling me ‘do not dare to forget’.

Everything you wanted us to have.

Don’t you dare to forget.

For every choice you made, this is what you get. 

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